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Making Crease Using 3D Studio Max For Interior Design
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Making Crease Using 3D Studio Max
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Making Crease on an Easychair with Polygons using 3D Studio Max.


The final rendered image indeed looks complex..but it all starts with making a simple box as seen below

Make a box and convert it to editable polygon.

Select the edges as seen and rotate them.

Select the corner edge and select ring loop and by using the connect option subdivide it further.

You need to select the top vertical backrest chair edge and select the whole ring and subdivide with the connect option.

Select all the horizontal edges as seen and chamfer the edges a bit as seen. Closer the chamfer sharper the creases will be generated.

Zoom closer to the above chamfer and select the top edge from the 2 edges that were created with chamfer and extrude the edges and you will see the result as seen in the above image.

Meshsmooth with iterations = 2

Select one of the edges from the chamfered edges and use loop to select the rest. Apply extrude to all the selected edges as seen above.

Meshsmooth with iterations = 2

I�m sure with the above guidelines you will be able to further subdivide and extrude edges and get the result as you see above.

Options used in editable poly to get the final results

Selection : Ring and Loop
Edges : Extrude, Chamfer and Connect
Vertex : only moving required to get shape of the crease.

Hope this tutorial helps you in your work.

Download the FREE .3DS MODEL of the Crease tutorial


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